I BC Group A/S var vi i løbet af en kort periode gennem store forandringer med en ny hovedaktionær i virksomheden og ny ledelsesgruppe. Vi havde behov for at få virksomheden til at gå i én retning, og herunder at få redefineret vores Mission og Vision, afstemt og synliggjort de strategiske prioriteter således at virksomhedens samlede ressourcer blev fokuseret på de vigtigste opgaver.

Da vi tidligere med succes har arbejdet sammen med Rie på blandt andet ledelsesudvikling og ledelsescoaching, inviterede vi Rie til at agere facilitator på en to dages workshop med den globale ledelsesgruppe med henblik på at få redefineret vores Mission og Vision, med andre ord; Hvorfor er vi her og hvad vil vi opnå?

Af Ries mange styrker skal nævnes at hun bruger tid på at forstå ”hvad er det I vil have ud af det”. Agenda, formål og introduktions materiale var derfor meget skarpt trukket op, og alle mødte velforbedrete op til en fokuseret diskussion. Ligeledes er Rie super god til at holde fokus og facilitere diskussioner på en meget effektiv måde, og i løbet af 1½ dag nåede vi vores mål med at få udformet et ny mission og vision samt en overordnet tidsplan for næste skridt.

Jeg kan derfor klart anbefale Rie, som samarbejdspartner!

Esben Trier Lund, Tidligere CFO
BC Group A/S

“Rie facilitated a workshop for our “merged” management team
– she is extremely competent and brought us to the desired outcome in a much faster and funnier way than we could have done by ourselves.”

– Juliane Albjerg, Office Manager Miljøstyrelsen

My management team and I, who were relatively new as a team, had a desire to create a stronger management team. We agreed that consciously work with trust in everyday life would strengthen our relationship and create the foundation for further development of the team.

I had on a previous course experienced Rie Dalsgaard as a facilitator and saw her as very competent. So we hired her to facilitate the day. As facilitator Rie is really good at decoding the group, at aligning exercises and presentations and at ensuring progress. She is especially good at turning theory into practice and at getting everyone onboard. At the same time she uses her experience and Jutland background to create trust in the room, which was also the result for our management team.

I give Rie Dalsgaard my warmest recommendations and encourage other leaders who want development of either a management team or themselves to hire her.

Jørgen Chris Madsen
Head of Teknik & Miljø
Vejle Kommune

“We could not have done it without Rie.
She was quick to understand our business and fast to get everyone on board.”

– Klaus Topp, Managing Director

Four years ago I started Gymnashop.dk with Anders Boysen Jepsen. One of the first decisions (a formal one) we had to make was whether we should have a board or not. We chose not.

We have both become self-employed to enjoy the freedom to be able to organize your life – including the shape and form of our new business – so no board for us. However, we would like to have help along the way. So we contacted executive coach Rie Dalsgaard. Thought the last 4 years she has helped us to make the “hard” decisions and to give us a way to avoid acting on ALL the good ideas, that we both get all the time, and instead maintain focus to pursue the original goal.

We have held meetings more or less regularly about 3-4 times a year and each time it has been a struggle for us to “get there”, as there were always 10-20-30 things we should have sorted out first… But every time  after the meeting with Rie we have complemented ourselves “how good that we did it again …”. We met again yesterday and once again we must admit that we leave the meeting with a sharp plan, joint expectations and a clear vision of what we need to focus on the next 3-4 years.

So thanks a lot to Rie Dalsgaard for always being good at motivating, facilitating and even get our Jutland-spirits close to Copenhagen-like levels. If Rie had chosen football instead of business, she would have been the national team coach.

Being a business owner can be a bit “lonely” if there is only yourself or maybe “two of you” to celebrate successes, sweeping the warehouse, making decisions and handling the problems that sometimes pile up. So if you are thinking about working with an executive coach, please do not hesitate! The return on investment is very high – if you choose the right one.

Frank Olesen
Director, Gymnashop.dk

“Med dygtighed, engagement og stædighed fik Rie skudt vores turnaround i gang – én af de bedste investeringer jeg nogensinde har lavet.”

– Jens Saugstrup, Tidligere partner i home Bjerregaard & Co.

In March, we introduced a new marketing organization. The aim is to ensure a more structured approach to the market, so that we maximize our performance in Glass Solutions Denmark A/S. The challenge was to create a strong collaboration between sales and marketing – creating synergy, so that we create the best results, both short and long term.

Therefore we decided to invest in two days strategy in August with Rie Dalsgaard as facilitator. The program was to co-create a mission, a vision, a goal and a common action plan that everyone would commit to. Actually I would have liked to jump directly to the action plan, but Rie stuck with the process. And here afterwards, I can see why. EVERYONE is committed to the action plan – and we have already in a few months implemented significant changes that will give us significant cost savings and a significant increase in sales within the first year.

We could not have done it without Rie. She was quick to understand our business and fast to get everyone onboard (even the skeptics). As facilitator Rie was structured, had clear communication and was really good at directing us back on track when we got off track. She is both personally and professionally clever – and really good at creating an overview, ensuring progress in the process and getting commitment from everyone. So I would recommend Rie Dalsgaard as a facilitator anytime.

Klaus Topp
Managing Director
Glassolutions Danmark A/S