Leadership Trainings

When the ambitious targets set and the enthusiasm is very high, it’s time to look at how well you and your team are “dressed for success. How well equipped is your managerial toolkit and how maintained are your tools?

You may not “fall short of equipment” or be “behind” in relation to personal development. In order to empower people, you must be a good role model, both in terms of behavior, focus, discipline and time priority.

I am a certified trainer in all the programs to your right, all of which are relevant to the optimum management toolbox – the combination will vary from team to team depending on the starting point and goal.

Time for leadership NOW!

 Time for Leadership NOW! ® is a program designed, once and for all, to get you and your cells to understand that your primary responsibility is to lead. Meaning spending the majority of your time creating results through and with your employees. And if you are not willing to do that, you should fire yourself immediately as a leader.

If you choose to learn and implement Time for Leadership NOW! your outcome is that you have rooted your leadership in what makes you special. You have created time for management and you know, that your main task is to “empower people” – so that the full potential of your organization is deployed for the benefit of both you, your team and bottom line.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® has in more than 25 years been a global bestseller and the program is world class. Stephen R. Covey’s mission was to unleash the human potential – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a documented system for personal leadership based on universal and timeless principles of effectiveness. With, The 7 Habits you get a well-equipped toolbox to effectively create you the life and the results you want.

The 7 Habits Leader Implementation

7 Habits Leader Implementation is a new offering that supports the implementation of 7 Habits in workgroups, departments and organizations. The program is built on extensive global research with customers who have been very successful in implementing the 7 Habits in their organizations.

The workshop teaches managers how to turn the 7 Habits into an “operating system” that creates high effectiveness for both individuals, teams and organizations.

Situational Leadership II

Situational Leadership II is a very practice-oriented program that helps you as a leader to exercise the leadership that matches the development needs of your employees in relation to a given task or a given goal. You get the tools to diagnose whether your employees have the right skills and how motivated they are about the task / goal. So a very practice-oriented approach to leadership that ensures both dedicated employees and the best possible results. Both for the individual, team and organization.

Leading at the Speed of Trust®

Leading at the Speed of Trust® is a program that helps you identify the trust gaps that are in your organization and gives you the tools to close these gaps. So converting “trust taxes” into “trust bonuses”. When you work at a high trust-speed, costs are reduced, performance is increased, profits are maximized and your influence increases. For managers at all levels.


 Leadership®: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results ™ helps leaders discover how to inspire trust and build credibility with its people, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align systems of success and unleash talents. Leaders use their power to create a place where people want to be and contribute their best efforts, time and again, to help the organization achieve its most critical priorities.

The 7 Habits for Managers®

7 Habits for Managers® is based on the principles of the 7 Habits, but is a completely different program that contains very concrete and everyday tools for you as a leader; Find the unknown Resources, 5-minute meeting planning, Feedback Facilitator, 5-minute presentation planning, etc. This program is both for new managers and experienced managers who lack simple tools for every day management.

5 Choices® for Extraordinary Productivity

 5 Choices® for Extraordinary Productivity focuses on teaching the participants to make decisions that create productivity – both for themselves and the team. You learn to take back control of your decisions, your focus and your energy. And at the same time ensure that the technology works FOR you, not against.

The price varies from program to program – contact me on my phone +45 4013 5636 or email rd@empowerpeople.dk with information on the desired program and number of participants, so I can give you a specific offer.

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