About Human Leadership

It’s time that we as leaders “stop role playing ” and realize that the greatest management tool we have is ourselves. It’s time to stand up as the man/woman you are. As the leader you are.

It is time for Human Leadership – and by that I mean that it is time to build on the fact that we (and our colleagues) are human beings. For better or worse. It is time to understand under which conditions we as humans operate. The conditions that our thoughts affect our emotions, that our emotions affect our actions – and that our actions (or lack of) give us the results we have. Both personally, privately and professionally.

“As leaders it’s time that we stop role-playing. You do not have to say or do something specific. You do not have to have an answer for everything. On the contrary.  The most important leadership tool you have is yourself. “

– Rie Dalsgaard

Be a good role model – and create flow in your result system

It is time to appear as the man/woman you are. As the leader you are. And be explicit about the difference you want to make. And the results you want to create – together with your team. So take the lead and be a good role model for the behavior you know creates the desired results. The success you all dream of being part of.

Your thoughts, emotions and actions are in total your “performance” system. Your result system. If there is a blockage in your system, neither yourself nor your team will elevate to the next level. The shortest way to success is that you as a leader takes responsibility for creating connection between your thoughts, emotions and actions. If you as a manager for example, consciously or unconsciously is thinking “I do not have time for leadership” it is likely that you neither prioritize time getting to know your employees, to ensure completely clear expectation nor guiding and advising them in their unique challenges continuously so that they get the chance to high perform.

Although you rationally know that you as a leader is primarily employed to spend time leading – creating results through and with your team – you can be more “emotionally committed” to stay in your comfort zone. And that has the consequence that you keep being busy with anything else but your primary task – leading.

Empower people

You must create flow in your performance system – and thus empower people (yourself and your team) to deliver maximum results. That is deliberately being most committed in mind and heart to spend time on that which maximizes your and the team’s results. To do this you have to be willing to train becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Your success is directly proportional to your willingness to do something different than the usual. Constantly moving outside your comfort zone – again and again. Until the uncomfortable suddenly becomes comfortable. And then you help your team to do the same. You spot their potential, create agreements on ambitious goals that are meaningful to the individual and provides ongoing management support to ensure that the potential is unfolded and that the success lands.

“It is time for leadership NOW. The world needs leadership. Not macho leadership. But Human Leadership. The world needs us to step up as leaders. The direct way is to accept that we are human beings. For better or worse.”

– Rie Dalsgaard