Executive coaching

It can be “cold at the top” and everything you do and do not do is observed, interpreted and assessed from morning to evening. So to whom do you as an executive turn to with your frustrations? Where can you think out loud? With whom can you discuss problems without creating fear and ineffectiveness in the organization? Where can you develop and practice new skills in a “safe space”?

A typical coaching partnership starts with 1-1½ hour meeting in which both parties have the opportunity to find out whether there is a basis for cooperation with the opportunity to create extraordinary results.

“If Rie had chosen football instead of business, so she had been national team coach”

– Frank Olesen, Director

As a leader, you are “on stage” from morning to evening. Unfortunately many leaders are spending most of their time no leading – “in the wings” you could say – to their employee’s astonishment.

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Executive Coaching is for senior executives and business owners who are ready to maximize his/her own and the company’s potential.

  • Coaching/”emergency” management
    1 session up to 2 hours – DKK 3,500
  • Leadership coaching course
    5 sessions 1½-2 hours – DKK 15,000
  • Executive coaching incl. written summary
    1 session up to 4 hours – DKK 10.000

All prices are ex. VAT.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a confidential space where you have a sharp and engaging facilitator on the sideline to ensure focus on your ambitious goal and momentum of the process.

At the first executive coaching you tune in sharply on your target. In subsequent sessions we work with what stands in the way of success right now. After each session your receive a brief summary in writing, including problems / challenges that must be resolved before the next session.

I recommend a minimum of 6-12 coaching sessions per year until the goal is reached.

Executive coaching can also be used as emergency manager sparring if a situation suddenly arises and you need to “clear” the brain and make the right decisions the first time.