It’s you as an executive leader who sets the bar for performance
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About Empower People


The reason that my company is called EMPOWER PEOPLE is that I believe in the potential. That we as human beings have the potential to create much more of the results we dream about – if we are willing to do and be what is needed. Several studies have shown that many organizations have an average untapped human potential of more than 30%. When top management learn to tap into and develop this potential in the organization’s existing resources, the possibility for significantly better results in less time is created. And thereby the ability to “jump the curve” and give the competitors something to think about. But how?

The answer is GOOD LEADERSHIP that EMPOWER PEOPLE! Good leadership where managers spend their time leading and with a coaching approach help each employee to unleash his/her full potential and perform his/her best, both individually and in teams.

The key to unfold the full potential and create significantly better results in less time is GOOD LEADERSHIP that EMPOWER PEOPLE. Not macho-leadership but human leadership.

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Your employees are volunteers. Volunteers in the sense that you cannot push them to be top-passionate and committed to their work every day or to use their full intelligence, talents and creativity during working hours. They choose – voluntarily – to bring all that to work when they are exposed to good leadership. And you can guess yourself what the reality is, when the opposite is true.

When you as a top manager have hired, fired and composed the right people for the team and you have created a brilliant strategy, the “only” thing to do is to execute it. And this is not done with one meeting and a powerpoint presentation …

Good human leadership is all about execution – to turn strategy into reality. So your biggest “leadership key” says Behaviour. You must turn up the behavior – and therefore the culture – that believes, feels and acts on what creates extraordinary results.

When I ask audiences “How many of you believe that your employees possess more intelligence, passion, talent, dedication and creativity than they live today?” Almost all hands are raised.

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I help my clients create significantly better results in less time – primarily through executive coaching, maximizing management performance and organization performance:

Executive Coaching

As an executive everything you do / do not do will be observed, interpreted and assessed from morning to evening. So where do you go with your frustrations? Where can you think out loud? To whom can you turn to without creating fear and ineffectiveness in the organization? Where can you develop and practice new skills in a “safe space”? Executive Coaching is for senior executives and business owners who are ready to maximize his own and the company’s potential. Read more here.

Management Team Performance

Performance levels throughout the organization will not be higher than the management team’s performance. Therefore, it is essential that the management team performs at a maximum. I focus on hands-on management tools and development processes – and always put together a tailored program relevant to the executive team’s starting point, challenges and goals. Read more here

Organizational Performance

Peter Drucker is known for saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. A brilliant strategy is priceless. But if it is not executed – brought alive – it is useless. Therefore, it is crucial that you as a leader is in charge of an effective culture that gives your brilliant strategy tailwind – and not headwind, so that it is “eaten for breakfast.” It all starts with one conscious decision. Yours! Read more here

Business Talks

My vision is to turn Human Leadership into “the new normal”. My wish is that top managers – both public, private and political – realize they have a duty to show inspiring behavior, so their surroundings want to engage at a much higher level. I like to inspire about everything related to people, development and maximizing results. So feel free to challenge me at a theme / title – and I’ll tell you what I can provide. Read more here

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