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My vision is to turn Human Leadership into “the new normal”. Good leaders know that their primary task is to create the results with or through other people. Human Leadership accepts the conditions that we as human beings have plenty of both thoughts, emotions and actions, each of which can create “constipation” in our flow so that the desired results fail.

As a leader – both public, private and political – you have a duty to show inspiring and trustworthy behavior, so that your surroundings want to engage at a much higher level. You have a duty to make a positive difference. Maximize both your own and the organization’s value by exercising your “leadership force”.

“Your main leadership tool is – you!

“Your main leadership tool is – you!
Personal development is a prerequisite for business development “

– Rie Dalsgaard

The following business talks are ideas. I am happy to inspire about everything related with people, development and maximizing results. So feel free to challenge me on a theme / title – and I’ll let you know what I can provide.

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Inspirational business talks

Time for Leadership NOW!

– or fire yourself as a leader

It’s Time for Leadership NOW! To run faster does not help. On the contrary. You lose being present with both your employees, your loved ones and yourself. And you swap effective behavior with fast-paced and superficial contact that quite quickly makes effectiveness drop.

So it’s time that you step into your “spotlight”. Showing who you are and what you stand for as a leader. It’s time to accept the human condition and create flow in your performance system (thoughts, emotions, actions), so you can give the right managerial support to your team all the way to achieving the ambitious targets.

Human Leadership

– the direct way to high performance teams

Human Leadership is about accepting the basic condition that we are human. As human beings our thoughts have an impact on our feelings, which again have an impact on our actions and therefore also have an impact on the results we create. In my thoughts I clearly understand that I need to do something different than what I do today to get a different result than the one I have today. But if I am caught up in an emotional state, my emotions often trump my mind and thoughts. That means that I keep doing what I usually do – find the explanations for why – and thus at a maximum get the same results as I have today.

With this insight, you must lead your people differently – and this is one of the primary “keys” for high performance teams.

Leaders have an executive coach

– bosses don´t!

As a leader you have the courage to take the lead. Especially when it comes to personal development. If you must deliver significantly better results in the future, you have to necessarily do something different from what you do today. So all management is in fact change management. Therefore personal development is a prerequisite business development. Or you become the “glass ceiling” for your team’s performance. As a leader you make sure to be at least one step ahead – that’s why you have an executive coach who helps you to walk the shortest path to the goal. It requires that you, as a leader, have the courage to look at, work at and take responsibility for both your thoughts, emotions and actions. Bosses typically don´t!

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All inspirational talks last 1-2 hours and cost DKK 15,000-25,000 ex. VAT and transport.