Management performance

The performance level throughout the organization does not get higher than the executive team’s performance. Therefore, it is essential that the management team performs at a maximum. Both as individual leaders and as a team.

I am focusing on the following hands-on management tools and development processes – and I am always putting a tailored program together, depending on the executive team’s starting point, challenges and objectives;

“We could not have done it without Rie.
She was quick to understand our business and fast to get everyone on board. “

– Klaus Topp, Managing Director

Workshop prices

1-day process facilitation for teams
DKK 43,000 ex. VAT and transportation

1-day follow up facilitation workshop
DKK 28,000 ex. VAT and transportation

Depending on what results you want expect from the team process, we tailor a course that ensures the necessary changes in focus, behavior and collaboration.

Set goals and achieve them

A full-day workshop where the management team commits itself to a joint goal, faces the various obstacles, becomes aware of both the negative and the positive consequences, breaks the patterns and makes a specific plan of action incl. deadlines. The workshop is typically repeated 6-12 times a year, depending on how quickly the extraordinary results are meant to “arrive”.

Strategy Seminar

Typically 1-2 day workshop where the management team discusses and formulates both a short and engaging mission statement that makes sense (“what difference do you do to whom?”). And a short and inspiring vision that gives direction – both for the management team and the rest of the organization. This workshop is typically combined with “Set goals and achieve them” workshop.

The management team sets the bar for performance in the rest of the organization.
Be a role model for the behavior that “jumps the curve”.

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“Neither time nor energy can be recycled.
So, live a life you do not regret. “

– Rie Dalsgaard

Leadership training

Most management teams need to either refresh or expand its leadership toolbox. Therefore, I offer the following well known and effective leadership trainings; The 7 Habits®, Time for Leadership NOW, Situational Leadership II, The 5 Choices®, Leading at the Speed of Trust®, Leadership® and The 7 Habits for Managers.

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