Book: ”HUMAN LEADERSHIP – 5 shortcuts to ambitious results and a life you won´t regret”

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This is the very first edition of the book in English – and it is the only edition in full color as the Danish version. Later the book will be available at Saxo and Amazon but only with a few colored pages (due to their printing price) for DKK 350 incl. VAT.

”HUMAN LEADERSHIP – 5 shortcuts to ambitious results and a life you won´t regret”

The book in English is published on February 15th 2024 and is only available here in full color like the Danish version in a limited edition.

This book in English (with colors) is DKK 400 incl. VAT
Plus freight in Denmark – DKK 40 (for 1 book)




The back text:

  • Do you deliver decent results, yet know deep down that the potential is greater?
  • Do you find that “running faster” and “working more hours” just aren’t effective when you want to succeed on a new level as a manager?
  • Are you afraid that you will not be able to achieve your ambitious goals within normal working hours, which means that going after them will be at the expense of health, leisure, and family life?
  • Do you refrain from aiming higher because you think that would require you to be an unpleasant and different person than you are?

Many of us believe that greater job success comes at greater personal or private expense. But it doesn’t have to be either-or. HUMAN LEADERSHIP is based on a both-and mindset that enables you to both live out your leadership ambitions and live a life you don’t regret.

In HUMAN LEADERSHIP – 5 shortcuts to ambitious results and a life you won’t regret, you’ll find insights and tools to facilitate development, so that both you and your employees will thrive and succeed on a new level. You’ll also learn to avoid the 5 detours that most often prevent leaders from realizing their potential – non-leadership, the hamster wheel, role playing, the illusion of time, and the buzzkill. Instead of taking the detours that delay ambitious results, you can choose the 5 shortcuts – understand leadership and people, make a wholehearted decision, be a voice, be a role model, and make a positive impact – and achieve your goals faster.

In the book, you’ll meet Managing Director Henrik Bodskov (IBM Denmark), Nordic Director Jens Andersen (Ascom), Partner Henrik Wellejus (Deloitte), and former CEO Stine Bosse (Tryg), all of whom believe in human potential and are aware of how great a role their own leadership behavior plays in relation to employees’ well-being and success. CHRO Ulf Hahnemann (A.P. Møller-Mærsk) has written the foreword.

“Leaders must give something of themselves, even if it makes them feel vulnerable. Otherwise, it is difficult to succeed as a leader. In my world, leadership is practical and leadership is about people. Human leadership is a sustainable and long-lasting solution, and I therefore highly recommend that all leaders read this book.”

CEO, Ørsted